All our products are verified before shipment. They are therefore guaranteed to be in prime condition when they leave our premises.

Nevertheless, damages can occur during transportation. The carrier and Canaframe will take care of such damages provided certain conditions be respected at delivery time.

1 – IN PRESENCE OF THE DELIVERY PERSON, verify the number and the general state of your package or packages. Open them. If the delivery person refuses to wait, notify it in writing on the bill of delivery along with your name, the date and your signature.

2 – WRITE DOWN on the bill of delivery each problem encountered: missing, damaged or broken product, etc. If possible, take some pictures of the packages and the damaged merchandise.

3 – FAX our after sales service department a confirmation of the noticed damages within 2 working days at 450 641-7329. If you have pictures, email them to us at

Failure to follow this procedure will prevent us from obtaining any compensation for you.

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