Posting: a powerful, economical and never out-of-date media.

Posting is one of the oldest media remaining performant throughout the ages. More than 75% of the information received by the brain is transmitted by the eyes.

Why installing one's own posting network would be a smart and economical investment?

You own the space, you then own your poster. You decide what messages to send to your clientele and you choose the most appropriate space in your environment (lobby, reception desk, dining room, bathrooms, etc.).

You communicate directly with your target
to promote a new menu, a new offer, a contest, a community cause in which you are involved, or more simply, to thank your customers for their loyalty, raise awareness among your employees or congratulate them for their good work.

You are neither disturbing nor intruding since a poster always remains silent while saying a lot. By posting your message, you are spreading it subtly and discretely.

because your investment in a posting frame will last several years and your only carry-on costs will come from poster printing. Most of our customers are able to take charge on their own printing thanks to more and more effective color printers.

Do not forget that a poster remaining too long on a wall becomes invisible. All our frames are equipped with our patented magnetic opening system operated with a suction cup, allowing a simple and fast posting requiring no physical strength and no tools.

Our manufacturing experience and our regular contacts with customers working in a variety of areas allow us to guide your decisions concerning your frame size, the best place to install it, etc. We can help you decide which of our lines is best adapted to your communication needs while respecting your budget.

Call or write us, we will have some solutions for you.

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